Natural • Gluten Free • Trans Fat Free

One customer writes: "Crunchy Heaven in a Bag !! These crunchy corn nuggets beat the pants off of Corn Nuts !! The flavor, texture, taste all of 'em are better than the other brands. These are highly addictive so get ready cause you'll eat more than one bag a day....just wait and see ! :) It is not that hard to do so! Quick order some before they run out !!!"

GLAD CORN brand is now called Pop'd Kerns brand

GLAD CORN brand is now called Pop'd Kerns brand

Pop'd Kerns brand (formerly GLAD CORN brand A-Maizing Corn Snack) is a healthy snack food

 Looking for healthy snack foods
Pop'd Kerns (formerly GLAD CORN)® is all natural, certified gluten free, a good source of fiber and has no trans fats nor geneticaly modified organisms. 
This corn snack will compliment your diet whether you are trying to stick to a high fiber diet, vegan diet, gluten free diet, or just looking for a diabetic snack.  Pop'd Kerns (formerly GLAD CORN)® is great as a stand alone snack, used in place of croutons on top of salads, as a garnish in thick soups, or as an ingredient in a trailmix (that salty/sweet taste).

People tell us it is the "Best Corn Snack in America!" 
"It's addicting!"

Try Pop'd Kerns (formerly GLAD CORN)® for yourself

Check out the story behind GLAD CORN® and how we
"Decided to go public with our little accident..." 
One little accident has led to a life of selling corn snacks
that are also a whole grain foods.


Benefits of Pop'd Kerns (GLAD CORN)

Benefits of Pop'd Kerns (GLAD CORN)


Whole grain snack (nothing is removed from the kernel of corn)
Certified Gluten free
(but not organic)
Good source of fiber
No preservatives
No sugar added (in the Original flavor)
No trans fats
More teeth friendly than other corn snacks
Diabetic snacks (people tell us it fits into their diabetic diet)
Can be frozen to preserve freshness (Restore to room temp before eating)


  • Can be used instead of croutons on salads
  • Use as a garnish for chili and soups
  • Grind it up and used as corn meal in recipes (cornbread, muffins,breading)
  • Great ingredient for trail mixes
  • Can be chocolate coated (similar to chocolate-covered peanuts)
  • Can be used in place of nuts in any recipe
Where the GLAD CORN brand A-maizing Corn Snack started

Where the GLAD CORN brand A-maizing Corn Snack started


Your Healthy Snack Food stop!

Your Healthy Snack Food stop!

Your Healthy Snack Food stop!

We invite you to explore our affordable selection of corn snacks and other healthy snack foods. So whether you're on a vegan diet or a high fiber diet, you can enjoy these healthy whole grain foods. These snacks are gluten free, natural, carry no preservatives, and no GMOs.

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